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Southall Removals Always There For Your Personal Move Southall

Southall Removals

Southall Removals London helps you to experience a hassle-free personal move. If you are moving with your family.

3 months before the move

  • Renounce the lease
  • Inform the Internet provider, the telephone company and the cable operator in good time
  • Apply for a new phone number
  • Collect data about your new home
  • Find out in good time about schools located near your new home
  • Take note of the dimensions of your new home and draw up a plan
  • Who is responsible for disconnecting household appliances (stove, washer and dryer) and lighting?
  • A home generally has a whole series of “fixed” elements that will have to be moved. Do not forget the rods or the coverings of curtains, the towel holders, the carpet, and the built-in furniture, Determine in advance who dismantles what.
  • Order the flooring
  • Order curtains

1 month before the move

  • Confirm the move date
  • Submit a request for leave at work
  • Arrange with your bank the transfer to a new bank or an agency near your new home
  • Cancel the gas subscription at the old address
  • Submit the request for the gas subscription at the new address
  • Make an appointment with the gas installer at the new and old addresses
  • Cancel the water subscription at the old address
  • Submit the request for the water subscription at the new address
  • Make an appointment for the meter reading
  • Inform schools and collect reports and certificates
  • Consume frozen products and reserves
  • Obtain the necessary moving boxes. You can get your supplies from Man and Van Southall Removals.

2 weeks before the move

  • Take out insurance
  • Inform the mutuality
  • Inform the doctor
  • Make sure you get your medical records and reports
  • Inform municipal services

1 week before the move

  • Communicate your phone number to the Man and Van Southall Removals team. You will be reachable at any time after leaving your accommodation.
  • Arrange an appointment for the handing over of the keys to the old address, as well as the new address
  • Duplicate the keys of the new address
  • Inform the usual suppliers of the new address
  • Inform the owner / concierge / trustee
  • Temporarily deposit money and jewelry in a safe at the bank
  • Make sure someone looks after children and pets on moving day
  • Make an appointment to turn on the heating at the new address
  • Bring back borrowed books from the library
  • Submit the request to the post office so that correspondence is automatically transferred to the new address
  • Check that nothing has been forgotten at the shoemaker, during dry cleaning …
  • Check that all lockers (school, sports club, etc.) have been emptied

1 day before the move

  • Thaw freezer and fridge
  • Provide enough parking space for the moving truck
  • Unplug electrical appliances

Moving day

  • Make sure you have enough cash in your pocket
  • Have the gas, water and electricity meters read
  • Drain the water lines in the event of severe frost
  • The project manager that is at your disposal. Visit the accommodation with him and discuss the operations to be carried out in order to inform him of your specific wishes and instructions.
  • Tell our team of movers what you need in the first place at your new address. They will then take care to load these goods last.
  • Everything is loaded and the team of movers are ready to go? Haven’t you forgotten anything? Do a final round to check everything.

After the move

  • Check for any damage caused by the move
  • Get rid of empty moving boxes
  • Report to the new town hall
  • Change your address on the identity card
  • Change your address on the driver’s license
  • Receive forwarded correspondence
  • Contact the new bank branch
  • Check that orders have no longer been delivered to the old address
  • Getting to know: new neighbors, new suppliers, neighborhood association …

Communicate the change of address to:

  • Family. Neighbors. Friends and acquaintances. Colleagues
  • Doctor. Dentist. Pharmacist. Veterinary
  • Insurance agencies. Insurance brokers
  • Electricity Distribution Company. Water Distribution Company. Gas distribution company
  • Internet provider. Telephone Company. Cable television company
  • Post Office. Bank. school
  • Sports clubs. Leisure associations
  • Communal house. Library
  • Newspapers and magazine
  • Notary. Mutual
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