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Moving Out of London Moving From London to Manchester Moving From London To Birmingham

Moving Out Of London

Moving Out of London Moving From London to Manchester Moving From London To Birmingham

The question is still relevant today on Monday, March 23, 2021, a week after the start of confinement. Never has such a sector been so talked about, during a health and economic crisis.

So why have such doubts around the move during confinement, should we move or wait for the end of the great precaution imposed by the French government during this month of March 2021?

Are the companies that move clients really available and willing to work, do the movers prefer to benefit from partial unemployment while remaining confined? Have the right to this partial unemployment, or are they obliged to continue their activity to ensure the survival of their business?

Moving Out of London

I have to move in full confinement, do I have the right to change accommodation now?

The right to move from a legal point of view, the answer is no because it is necessary to remain confined, but maybe yes in the end because it can be imperative and the profession of road freight transport is authorized.

Therein lies all the ambiguity of the current situation with confinement. You are an individual and you have to move, you are a business and you were going to change professional premises.

Transport during covid19

Either way, if you absolutely have to move, yes, of course, you can, you still won’t end up homeless. By obligation to move during confinement, we mean any change of housing contracted before the restrictions of covid19, and which cannot be renegotiated.

In other words, if the lessor, the owner, the notary, or the seller, and the purchaser cannot postpone the date of exit and entry into places of residence. Road transport for moving, and movement of clients to move in are permitted during containment.

There are very urgent cases, for example, a doctor who must come and live closest to the hospital where he currently practices, in order to be able to intervene quickly to treat patients with the coronavirus. Also, officials of the Ministry of Defense, Health, etc… Are “priority” in this health situation, to say the least catastrophic?

Today I received a call from a prospect who wants to move before March 31 because he will start a new job in Switzerland on April 1 and must leave his current accommodation on March 31. If he didn’t move, he would find himself on the streets, he would be unemployed. His expatriation plan would be clearly compromised.

Moving From London to Manchester

It’s up to you to see if this is also an urgent case. For me, yes, from the moment the move generates vital consequences in this capitalist world, it is better to move around and not remain confined afraid, it is not the government that will help us in a world where the complaints. To be too assisted. Of course, the health measures and the recommendations of the WHO are to be considered, wash your hands, avoid contact, do not gather etc.

If you are moving for simple comfort, or to transport to your second home, understand that this is not an emergency. In these cases, it is better to stay at home, and at the same time, let the driver take care of more urgent transport in view of the health situation with covid19.

In absolute terms, you can therefore legally move, but for the sake of moral conscience and French solidarity, it is strongly recommended to postpone the date of the move. If you have no choice, it can lead to irrevocable complications, in which case it is better to move.

Are moving companies in London allowed to do transport during covid19 containment?

Yes, movers depend on the road freight transport sector and therefore have the right to exercise their activity. This cannot be done by teleworking, and the State has still not decreed the reimbursement of partial unemployment in this sector.

Moving companies are, therefore “obliged” to continue working if they want to receive a salary. Companies, for their part, must continue to pay tax and employer charges, so a total cessation of their customer revenue would sign the liquidation of their business in the short term.

Finally, they should continue to ensure that the French move during the lockdown, but this is far from the reality; most moving companies call on their employees to stay at home.

They simply refuse to send their handlers in the middle of Covid 19, to meet the population, in full confinement.

Moving From London To Birmingham

We can understand this position, how can we send a team of movers, traveling in the same truck, going upstairs, common areas of a building where residents circulate, how to keep 150cm of health safety distance by carrying a machine to wash with his colleague..?

The organizations and unions of moving carriers, therefore, call on moving companies to stop their activity to respect the confinement. But the big problem is to know who will pay the partial unemployment of employees! We will all have believed that according to President Macron’s words, partial unemployment would be paid for by the state.

But far from it, until the decree does not stipulate that the transport sector is subject to this government measure, it will not be. And you will understand, the decree released on March 19 does not provide for compensation for transport and moving companies.. (For carrying out goods transport operations, the hygiene and social distancing measures, known as “barriers”, defined at the national level, must be observed by the drivers of transport vehicles as well as by the personnel of the loading places. or unloading….) In summary, the State says that there must be a point of water and soap at the place of loading and unloading, that it must fire sign the delivery slip electronically in order to avoid contact with the customer by Removals Companies in Southall… Everything is there to tell us how to work, but nothing about short-time working!

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