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Man and Van Southall Removals Expert Advice for Office Relocation

Man and Van Southall

Man and Van Southall Removals – Your office no longer meet your space needs and/or are you moving to a new location? Experts at Man and Van Southall have put together this nifty checklist for moving your business

9 months before the move

  • Check the notice of your current lease. Inform the owner by registered mail.
  • Is adaptation work required at the old or new address? Program them carefully to avoid any surprises.
  • Consult with the owner to determine when you can move in to the new address.

3 months before the move

  • Arrange a meeting with the moving company.
  • Develop a realistic schedule for the moving days.
  • Are you moving during the week or the weekend? Weekend moves are less disruptive, but cost more in hours of work. Southall Removals will be happy to advise you on this matter. In accordance with your wishes and within your budget.
  • Define together in which order the departments are to be moved. Adrien et fils will then be able to accurately determine the number of moving trucks, freight elevators and movers.
  • It’s time to educate your employees. Choose an appropriate medium: either by means of a circular or by Intranet. Remember that a move can also represent a source of stress or discomfort for your employees. Transparent communication solves a lot of questions.
  • Notify your customers, suppliers and partners by mail or e-mail. Do not forget in this context your subcontractors: beverage distributor, plants, photocopiers, printers… Perhaps the time has come to review your contract with them or to discuss the (best) conditions?

2 months before the move

  • Draw up with us the inventory of what should and should not be moved. A move is often the perfect opportunity for a big cleanup.
  • Should your archives follow the move? An external archiving can represent a good solution: pledge of savings in terms of space and money, also on rental. We offers a solution for storage among its range of services. Do not hesitate to discuss it with our advisers.
  • Arrange a coordination meeting with the project managers of your company and us where the following points will be discussed:
  • What is needed to make the move easier?
  • Together determine the number of boxes and crates needed.
  • When should they be delivered?
  • Is it necessary to provide specific protection for the furniture?
  • Better to number boxes, furniture and accessories. Use labels for this that do not leave traces of glue. We delivers these labels to you.
  • Number the different rooms by applying the method followed by the hotels (the first digit for the floor, the second for the room,). Glue these numbers next to doors and on furniture and fixtures.
  • Who is responsible for dismantling and reassembling the furniture? Either your own staff, the furniture supplier, or our movers.
  • Whatever the precision of the work carried out, an unplanned unforeseen cannot be ruled out. We therefore advise you to take out insurance covering the potential damage caused by a move.
  • Temporary storage of goods and archives can be essential during a move. Man and Van Southall London can help you. We develop a personalized quote.
  • Your IT infrastructure has a treasure trove of data. To avoid any risk, make sure to make backups. Office devices should be prepared in good time for the move. Rented or leased devices? In this case, written permission from the leasing company is usually required.
  • Agree with your own IT department on the date of connection of the infrastructure to the new address.

1 month before the move

  • Although the directives and numbering exist on paper, do not forget to transpose them into procedures.
  • Also remember to determine the order of the loads so that everything lands properly in its new location.
  • Plastic boxes are an ideal solution for individual office items, such as calculating machines, telephones, computers, small tables, for filing files and filing cabinets, plastic boxes are equipped with file holders for easy loading. And unloading suspended filing cabinets.
  • Lighter material can be packed in cardboard boxes. Clearly mark any boxes or crates that contain fragile items.
  • Carefully seal all boxes below and above using tape. Do not overload the boxes. Never exceed the edge to be folded so that they can be quickly and safely stacked.
  • Place the full boxes after marking aligned against a wall of the room, and not on furniture or cupboards. The furniture then remains accessible for the move.
  • Moving empty furniture, desks and cabinets is faster than when they are full. However, does this pose a problem? We can in certain cases also move full wardrobes. However, you must clearly indicate this beforehand.
  • Inform in advance whether heavy or non-removable objects must be moved.
  • Notify your change of address to: Municipal services. Social Security. Electricity supplier Gas Distribution Company. Water Distribution Company. Telephone Company. The post office. Subscription services to newspapers, magazines, Federations and professional associations. All suppliers
  • Ensure sufficient parking space during moving days. On request, we takes care of authorizations and parking bans with your municipality. If it is a private car park, notify users in good time.

1 day before the move

  • Prepare computers and office devices for the move:
  • Unplug the devices and roll up the cables
  • If necessary, fix the memory modules of the computers
  • Remove toner and sorting bins from photocopiers
  • Arrange with the maintenance company to clean the premises after your departure.

Moving day

  • Be there in good time.
  • Designate a manager for each department who oversees that everything is going according to plan. We provide a project coordinator at the old and new addresses.
  • Provide adequate access control to old and new addresses to prevent intrusions and vandalism.
  • Set up a small help desk to resolve problems.
  • During the move, entrances and exits must be kept clear at all times. Make sure hallways and elevators are easily accessible.
  • Man and Van Southall provides protection for windows, window sills, elevators and natural stone flooring. Special attention to pay? Do not hesitate to discuss it with our advisers.

After the move

  • Check that all address changes have been made:
  • Bank (s)
  • Insurance company
  • Company vehicle registrations
  • Also remember to inform the tax authorities
  • After the move, Southall Removals London comes to remove the empty boxes and crates. Contact us to fix the date.

The mission is over and completed. Organize a drink for all your employees! The atmosphere will be at its peak from the start and your business will quickly regain its cruising speed.

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